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Our 24/7 Aircraft Components Sales Solution will enable you to efficiently use your stock surplus through component sales, loans and exchanges, and generate additional revenues to decrease your overall inventory costs.

Parts Procurement
Asset Management & Surplus Sales
Expand Your Sales Network

Parts Procurement

Demand can sometimes be so high that OEMs can encounter components shortage for a certain period of time, and need an alternative procurement source to ensure their customers’ demand is met.

At these times, the alternative market can see prices go drastically up and can be very costly. Our Aircraft Components Sales Desk’s experts are always monitoring latest market trends and pro-actively secure assets on the market. That way we always have at hand the components you are looking for.

We are able to provide you with an extensive range of OEM-tagged components for all aircraft types, at ultra-competitive pricing. We are the procurement partner of more than 70+ OEMs, and with more than $650M OEM components in stock, we will always find a solution to help you.

Asset Management & Surplus AIRCRAFT Components Sales

As the aviation industry evolves fast, a lot of components are often scrapped because of changing programs or equipment upgrades. As you cannot sell them as new equipment anymore, your components stay on shelf for an advanced period of time. Ultimately, they will no longer be serviceable and their value will drop down significantly.


At OEMServices, we can consign and take care of your surplus components, repair them when need be and find new marketing channels. Our aircraft components sales’ desk experts.

By marketing and selling, exchanging or loaning your aircraft components on the used serviceable material market, you can significantly decrease your fixed asset costs and give a second life to your equipment.


On an outright sale, loan or exchange basis, our 24-7 Sales Teal will find the best-selling value for your components and find customers for you. We also handle all customs & transportation, from warehouse to doorstep.



Thanks to OEMServices, complement your sales network skills and worldwide coverage. Find synergies with other members of our community in order to reach your goals and expand your business. Our international network within the Aviation & Supply Chain will help you gain new insights and connections. In the long run, you will be able to increase drastically your customers’ portfolio and grow your business.

Added Value

24/7 Sales Desk

USM Expertise

$650M+ OEM Components Stock

Integrated Customs Management

Integrated Transport & Freight


Got an AOG ? Our AOG Desk is available 24/7/365 on-site and acknowledges your request in 1 hour.  Buy, Lease, Exchange and receive the aircraft components you are looking for in no time.